End of Year entry and reflection of past year events

To say that 2010 was massive for me would be a gross understatement. I have never in my life traveled more, learned more, or felt more confident in where i am going into the future. My list of of 2010 included Melbourne, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Fransisco, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and my hometown, Semarang. In all i traveled over 25000 km, not that much compared to some of you, but a milestone for me. This year, my decision to study Master of Business is probably my best decision about university courses ever, and i am able to not only depend on myself to do well but also carry some of the teams to do well. It has definitely come as a relief that I finally know what i am good at doing and give me a good clue of what i should do in the near future, as i make the transition to a fully-working adult.

In the same light, i have not tried to learn so much in a year before as this, where i tried my hands in pretty much everything i had wanted to try on to test where my strength and weaknesses lies. I have done good in my studies, learn plenty of things from travel experiences and the people I met along the way, done alright in the stock market thanks to my very own housemate and mentor, and finally i can say i am able to pay my own rent now (although living expenses will take some more time).

In terms of events, this year has truly been the one to remind me that i am not getting any younger. At least 7 of my friends finally graduated from their double-degree and long-ass single degree courses like med and law, some of them have chosen to return to their homeland, and it was sad bidding farewell to these old friends. 4 Others have gotten married, and i wish them the best in their married life, and may they have bountiful blessings in the year to come. Few others have secured job overseas, and they have left Melbourne. Although, my friends in Melbourne are dwindling, i take heart that many have moved on in their journey with life, and as i am getting ready for work, i can learn from the steps they took.

Truly i say, if i were to count my blessing this year, i have been really blessed in almost every sense of the word. My family is doing good, and the house that i am currently living in, is by far the best home i has lived in Melbourne, especially due to the 3 housemate im living with. Apart from the troubles that i brought upon myself, everything else has been as smooth sailing as it could ever be.

So as the new year dawns, i hope that this year may be better than the last, and that i can make worthwhile contributions to improve myself and others.

Lastly, thanks for all the friends and relatives that has made this year possible. For all those that have stayed with me along the way, and encourage me when the going gets tough, this is for you guys.



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