Why I am not a good teacher?

The inspiration to write this post came about through a random 1.30 am Maccas session with one of my housemate.

He was sharing about how he might consider teaching in the future, when he retires from being a full-time dentist right now. I said that I don’t like teaching, in which he replied ‘ That’s selfish man’.

So after thinking about it for 2 days i decided to write this post, partly to help me understand myself better, and perhaps to encourage myself to share the extensive knowledge that i have.

Many of my friends would agree that overall, I am not a good teacher. I have the knowledge within me, but for some reason i neither have the skill nor the patience to be able to impart bit by bit of what I know.  I get irritated easily if people does not understand quickly what i feel is something that is easy to learn, even though i know i was once at that same stage of learning. I seems to impart my knowledge or converse with people with the assumption that everyone knows as much or more than i do, or that they have relatively similar way of thinking, which is often not true. Therefore, it results in me talking with people using terms and jargon that people new to the topic often do not understand.

I feel that partly a reason of why i assume such a thing is that i feel that i dislike being underestimated or thought of as less intelligent than others and i often hide the fact that i am not familiar with some topic of the conversation with friends or acquaintances by researching in depth later on at home to make up for the lack of said knowledge (with the exception of mathematical topics, in which i hate, and plainly admit suck at it).

The second reason is probably more deep seated. I grew up during my primary and secondary school without having any characteristic to be proud of, other than my intelligence and wealth of general knowledge. I have come to use information as a means of surviving through what i call the difficult years, and grew to hoard information, as it was the only competitive advantage i have socially. For the most part of my teenage years, i hold the deep seated believe that information is power, and the more information that i know that others do not, the more powerful and confident i become. Although i realized this folly of mine when i began to turn 20, and has tried to dissipate some of this bad habit, i still find teaching others often become a challenge, especially to people who have little or no knowledge at all to what i want to teach them.

Nevertheless, as my housemate replied me with that comment, i understood that when i grow older in the future, there are few things in life more rewarding than teaching somebody the knowledge that you have and see the other person find joy and inspiration from it, just as I did when he taught me.



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