Turning over a new leaf

The past month or so has been rather plain and boring if not for the unexpected 4 days trip that turned into a 16 days stay in Singapore.

Getting accustomed to the working lifestyle of my family was never going to be easy. They start the day at 6.30 and finish at 5.30, Monday to Saturday. It does looks like hard work and it is. I suppose this is how a standard work life in the East are like. If there is any consolation, my friends in Singapore are working just as hard, going into perma-overtime into late hours of the night.

I am glad I had the chance to go to Singapore for that long, although the reason was far less joyful. Meeting up with old friends that i havent catch up in such a long time was a good change, as well as tying up some unfinished business near the end of the trip.

I realized i was never going to be able to polish the diamond in the rough into a gem, and I hope one day someone is able to do that.

With that done, i feel its time to turn over a new leaf. My friends are returning back to Indonesia and with this reinforcement, i am feeling a bit more hopeful that i can finally begin living in Indonesia in earnest.


PS: Thanks to everyone who have met me during my stay in Singapore

Joshua and Hannah, Davies, Jeremy, David, Victoria, Sandy, Sylvia, and Adrena

Hope to see you guys again:)



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