Breaking the Routine Mentality

I just thought up about this post 10 minutes ago, in the shower.

My mother mentioned something casually that i took notice of, and that is during the majority of our working age, we go to work in the morning, we come home in the afternoon and we go to sleep a few hours later only for the process to be repeated again and again and again, for maybe 25-30 years of our life.

Personally, i think that is simply quite retarded. I understand that not everybody have the convenience of having a choice, but must we spend such an extremely long time just so we can retire in our old days and finally have fun? The old days when we are no longer fit or healthy anymore to enjoy all the experiences that life has to offer?

I have said this and I will say this again, that life offers much more than what the society has expected of us. There are a multitude of things we can do, whether it is for us to earn money or for us to enjoy. And i would think it would be highly regrettable if in the course of our short lifetime here on earth that you only begin to do your bucket list when you are already knee deep in the grave.

A lot of new research have come to show us the benefit of taking time off and doing things that we like. It boost creativity and production. I also need to mention that working for long hours each day have diminishing rate of return, at which point it is better for you to rest.

I may be called a lazy or a spoilt person by people of the older generation who values sheer hard work, but i i firmly believe that i am smart enough to live the life that i would not regret at my deathbed, even if the means to achieve it is unconventional.

Because of this, i would make a resolution to myself to keep one day each week to do things that I enjoy doing, just like the days of my university life, like learning how to code, trying out new restaurant and documenting it, and go on a photo hunt. I would try to travel at least once every two months.

I hope i can keep this resolution, and write about it in this blog every week, of what i have done.




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