Twenty-thirteen Year in Review

Dieng MistEntering 2013 was not unlike entering the surreal gate to a geothermal plant above. It was dense with mist, and visibility was low. I wasn’t certain what i was about to find, or whether the things i was looking for was all that important, but as the clock ticks past midnight on December 31st, 2012, i knew i had to move forward anyway.

In 2013, i spent a substantial amount of time trying to build a new property development company on the back of rising boom in residential needs. My starting place in Jakarta couldn’t have been tougher. There were so many arcane and magical rules that you need to be careful not to trip or else there will be quite an economic catastrophe to bear. Even though a major part of my master degree was about entrepreneurship, nothing quite prepared me for the real challenge in building up a company from scratch. It was painful, it was difficult and it was wholly uncertain. It is certainly not for everybody, especially people with no alternative income source at that time.

Nevertheless, even the search for the one piece of land remain fruitless till year end, i have learnt a great deal about property and construction in this one year, a skill that i knew would be worth much more later on in life.

Fortunately although the property business was at best fledgling, our other two businesses was doing okay, demand was not as poor as all the gloomy news reported and this was a very welcomed news. In terms of financial goals, although i didnt meet my own goal, as a family, we have met and exceeded our productive investment target so i was more or less able to console myself about my lackluster performance.

In terms of social life, i spent half the time mostly by myself doing my own things, and discovering what is it that i really want to do in life seeing as I am not getting any younger. My time of wanton experimenting is probably soon to be over, and i need to focus my energy more on the things that will have a longer term effect.

My facebook wall is constantly bombarded by pictures of marriages, babies and kids in wonderful setting, although some of them does look extravagant. Sometimes when i happen to browse on these amazing pictures of my friends that have gotten married, i do harbor a sense of envy. But then again, i knew i had a lot of homework on myself to do, and i am probably not ready to marry at this age yet.

Relationship is a difficult, fickle thing and as mostly pragmatic person i sometimes find living the single life where i could do what i want, when i want it to be the easiest solution. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that i dont want to marry, i just feel that it will take a special kind of person to be able to live with me. I guess that will be the final piece of the puzzle i needed to find, where ever that person might be.

The relative high point of this year was spending time with family again, and enjoying the life in this small city where I came from. There aren’t much entertainment around, or cafe that i can hang out in, but then when you work monday to saturday, that kind of things doesn’t bother you that much anymore. Hanging out with people with lower socioeconomic capability also makes me appreciate the life that i have had. I am glad i dont have to budget in-between salary, I am glad I do not worry about having mortgages for life, and I am glad mostly because i can eat pretty much whatever i want and not worry about the bills. It is the kind of things that I have often ignored in my more priviledged life as an international student in Australia.

And comparing 2013 to 2012 was like comparing the very bottom of the mariana trench with somewhere around sea level. There wasn’t any great breakthrough, nor a sudden windfall or girl in my lap, but nonetheless having a relatively stable, steady year after the total calamity of 2012 was an extremely fortunate gift from above. I got to sang christmas songs in church with a lighthearted heart, knowing that my burden from 2012 has somewhat lifted and i can step forward into 2014 with relative confidence of greater things ahead.

With much faith, hope and love






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