The Hard Truth

“A guy came up to me at the gym and asked me what event I was training so hard for. Life, motherfucker” From @GSElevator Tweet.

Life. This thing that we all have to go through everyday is sometime so tiring you felt like you are suffocated.

I am probably a very fine example of somebody who has it relatively easy in the growing up years and then find the years after education unbelievably difficult.
I am not used to losing badly, i lose to some, and that was when the playground was quite even.

Life doesnt give you easy shit like that. It gives you unfair competitors, bitch customers, as well as shoddy bureaucrats who attempt to fleece you for as many bucks as they can. This is the real world. Suck it up and move on or so they said.

When in uni, you can create stellar business plan and so and so, but jumping into the real world you suddenly find everyone else can too, and then u slug it out to death. Its a never-ending chess game. This is where i guess ambition start to eat into you as you have an imagination in your head as how things will go and should go in the next 1, 5, 10 years, but the next week you find out that you have to redo your plan again because your competitor has cock-blocked your move and so on and on.

If i was playing a game, and somebody is blocking my move time after time after time, it would not take long for me to pull the plug. But this is life, i cant just pull the plug unless i want to die now. But seriously, it is fucking frustrating to have to stave off competition. Sometimes you really want to shout just get the fuck out of my way already.

I can understand why people who have decided to join the rat race find it difficult to quit even though by new-entrants judgment, they seem to have done well for themselves. Well the answer i think is relatively straightforward, people, especially ambitious ones, can never really rest until they are head and shoulders above the competition and no threats in the near future. Things however, are never like that in the business world. Your competitor gets bigger as grow bigger. Your seemingly increasing ammunition is also matched by theirs and what you end up with is a never-ending battle, a strategic one, and it creeps into your life, even to your dream. You go sleep at night everyday thinking how should i get rid of this guy, knowing your competitor is probably thinking of the same thing at night.

Seriously, if i could smash my keyboard now i probably would. WHY is life incredibly frustrating. You can never see a clear light at the end of the tunnel for even one day. There is always some hand messing with the light, like some minion who keeps putting things to hinder you.

Just fuck off already.




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