The Lone Wanderer

Door to Everwyhere


The Twenties. The years you spend wandering through the desert of your mind, searching for a place to anchor your next stage of life.

The early twenties was like the YOLO years. I studied, i gamed, i aced exams, i go on dates and i had my buddies who were always behind me. My friends was plentiful and they were not difficult to meet-up with. They know me well, and i could just rock up and not have anything expected of me. I had it all.

But the late twenties saw my life gradually transformed beyond my control. People grew up, they start working, they start getting engaged, and then married. Some have already started raising their kids. Things seems to move so fast once you are out of uni. And the less evolved people like me stay behind in this mythical desert, seemingly alone, alone in the crowd.

And this really made me wish i had Doraemon’s door to everywhere. For all the advances technology has made in aviation and long distance teleconferencing, nothing beats meeting out your friends in person. And it is difficult to meet all of the friends i miss because financially i couldn’t go where ever all my friends are.

Singapore, Malaysia, Melbourne, Hong Kong, China, New York, Sweden, Germany, South Africa. So many countries, so little cash.

Words cant express how much i miss my uni years and how much i wish i can meet my old friends as often as I used to.

Life’s journey is difficult, and I have never felt more like a lone wanderer than I do now.

I miss all of you.




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