2014 – Year in Review

Cant believe its been 9 years since i first wrote my end of year review, and this year i am going to write a pictorial one.

In 2014 I attended a close friend wedding

Josherm Wedding

Involved in building a bunch of stuff

Kubota New Factory

Have a feel of how tough it is to be a property lessor

Pearl Garden

Learnt how to be a property surveyor and going to far away places in search of a good one


Finally visited my old home Melbourne and met some long lost friends. Attended a beautiful engagement party

James and Angela

Witnessing my own’s sister engagement


And capping the year with a break in Macau and Hong Kong



Although at times i felt that this year my career has not progressed much, looking back at these pictures i am glad to have an eventful year.

Hopefully, in 2015, i will be able to report some long overdue work achievements.

Until then cheers!



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