2015 – The Year in Review

I can scarcely believe the speed of time when you get older. I began this year returning to the city where people habitually throw the proverbial dice, Jakarta.


And this time i came more than prepared, job in hand – check, community forged – check, place to live – check, projects to do and mission to accomplish.

In addition, my parents has generously given me their car for me to use to travel around Jakarta’s notoriously bad (and dangerous) traffic.


The CSM gang

So with that i set off my sights on fortune.

Things went quite well for the first three months or so, my social calendar was filled, my job was where I fit in, analytic and business development.

Then like most things, stuff did not turn out as smoothly as i expected. The place i worked for started moving me around to the next stage in the sales pipeline, from analytic to marketing, and then to sales, then eventually to customer service and battling fires whenever there were one. Throughout all these my compensation did not change one bit, but my roles has been significantly widened to terms that were not in the initial contract. Nevertheless, i soldiered on and climbed a mountain on the side.


Meanwhile, in my personal life, finally things took a turn for the better and I met the girl whom i feel i have a very good connection with. I have lots of hope for the future, and we started our relationship around mid-year.

I wished i have the dual fortune to succeed straight away in work and relationship in the same year, as that would have been great, but the customer service work was too much for me to take, i did not take this job so i could babysit nagging customers for fault that isn’t mine, and as well as collecting late payments from troublesome customers.

Meanwhile, a deal that i was offered last year verbally (but not written) didn’t materialize and for me this was the last straw. I mulled over one and half months before finally deciding it is time for me to resign. I had initially loved the job, but clearly looking at the company stuff turnover was not encouraging, and neither is being somewhat cheated on.

And now in November, i am back again in square one of career, figuring things out from the beginning again. It would probably require a compelling offer from reputable companies to get me to work for someone else again.

Pushed into a corner, with not a lot of money to burn, and a relationship that i will fight to the end to keep, i chose to consolidate my capital and restart anew. The positive thing i got from all this ordeal is that i’m lucky that i made these kind of mistakes and learnt these kind of things (including being featured in a major newspaper) when i’m still at the age of 27. Had i been older, the cost would have been significantly higher. Well, this is Jakarta anyway. Survival of the fittest here.

In between my resignation and the resumption of my search for a business to do, i had the fortune to travel with some of my old friends to Taiwan, and it was good. Dined, traveled till our legs could carry us no more, and chat till the wee hours.


Super awesome roasted pepper bun (I ate four in two days!!)


Yeh, it was a good break from a tough life.

But now its time to begin again. I hoped the preparations for 2016 will be well underway when the year turned. It could turn out well, it could turn out not so well, but either way, 2016 is here, and i have to be ready.

I hope God will give me wisdom for me decide which path i should take, it has been a long way from home.

Goodbye 2015, it has been good knowing you

With much faith, hope and love




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